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What are the Managed and Unmanaged switches?

In simple terms, managed and unmanaged switches are networking hardware that allows the leading network to connect devices in a local area network. Depending on the LAN switch's specification, they are primarily categorized into two types; managed and unmanaged!

Managed switch: They are the switches that let you access each switch port to any settings. This enables you to manage, configure and monitor the network in many ways.

Unmanaged Switch: In an unmanaged switch, the ports are auto negotiated ports to determine the parameters like data rates ad whether or not to use half-duplex or full-duplex mode. 

What are the functions of unmanaged and managed switches?

The primary function of managed and unmanaged switches is to maintain the media access control (MAC) address table and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), respectively. 

An unmanaged Network Switch gives us the per-port collision domain, while managed switch enables us to monitor the statuses of the switch along with the individual switch ports. The managed switch also enables us to monitor the status of traffic throughput, network errors and port status.

Why Choose First Aid Nepal for managed and unmanaged switches?

First Aid Nepal has one of the largest collections of home security products; we provide you with Gigabit managed and unmanaged switches from Dahua and Hikvision. These companies produce some of the best security and networking products at affordable prices in Nepal. 

You can buy the best Managed and Unmanaged switches in Nepal from these companies at First Aid Nepal. Along with this, we deploy experts to install and guide you through installing and using both Managed and Unmanaged switches. 

Buy Best  Managed and Unmanaged Switches Online in Nepal- First Aid Nepal

Buy Best  Managed and Unmanaged Switches Online in Nepal to customize your network configuration - only at First Aid Nepal. Regardless of your needs, whether to maintain MAC address or SNMP, First Aid Nepal has got your needs covered. With Managed and Unmanaged Switches from world-renowned brands like Dahua and Hikvision, along with products from a wide price range. Get per-port collision domain and traffic monitoring privilege by buying managed and unmanaged switches from First Aid Nepal! 

Price of Managed and Unmanaged Switches Online in Nepal

At First Aid Nepal, find the best price of Managed and Unmanaged Switches Online in Nepal! We have managed and unmanaged switches ranging from Npr 3000 to Npr 34000. So, depending on your needs, you can find both managed and unmanaged switches at a reasonable price. The price will depend on the number of ports, network medium, total supported bandwidth, and brands. However, First Aid Nepal can confidently say that you will get the best value for your purchase regardless of what you purchase!

List of Managed and Unmanaged Switches at First Aid Nepal

Following is the list of all the Managed and Unmanaged Switches currently available at First Aid Nepal. Note that the following following list us subject to change. d

Network Managed and Unmanaged Switches in First Aid Nepal


Dahua HD CCTV Cable

Npr 2,660

5 Port Gigabit Switch

Npr 2,700

8 Port Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Npr 4,050

16 Port UNMANAGED Full Gigabit Switch

Npr 15,725

Cat6 Network Cable Pure Copper

Npr 17,575

CISCO SF350 Fast Ethernet Network Switch.

Npr 21,375

CISCO SG 95 Switch

Npr 28,025

Cisco SG350 Managed Switch

Npr 31,620

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