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Best SFFECO Trolley Mounted fire extinguishers in Nepal

Fire Extinguishers are important fire safety measures in any household or an organization. However,  there are locations where the risk of fire is significantly higher. This is where SFFECO Trolley Mounted Fire extinguishers come into play. They are simply, regular fire extinguishers that have been scaled up a few times. 

Buy the best SFFECO Trolley Mounted Fire extinguishers in Nepal from First Aid Nepal and be prepared to counter any and every type of fire. With the global qualifications of  UL, FM, BSI, and LPCB, SFFECO CO2-type fire extinguishers are among some of the best equipment to buy online at First Aid Nepal

Where can SFFECO Trolley Mounted Fire Extinguishers be used?

Since they are just scaled-up versions of regular fire extinguishers, you can use SFFECO trolley-mounted fire extinguishers in every situation and location. That said, the effectiveness of the trolley-mounted fire extinguishers depends on their class. The common classes of fire extinguishers are:

  • Class A: For fires involving ordinary combustible materials

  • Class B: For fires involving flammable liquids

  • Class C: For fires involving electrical equipment

  • Class D: For fires involving combustible and flammable materials

  • Class K/F: For  fires involving cooking oils and other cooking mediums

We have covered the details about the class of fires in our all about fire extinguishers. Do give it a read for a detailed overview. 

Besides this, SFFECO trolley-mounted fire extinguishers are typically meant to be used in locations where the risk of large fires is high. Although you can use them in small spaces, you will simply be a waste since you will need to refill fire extinguishers after every use. We have general instructions about refilling fire extinguishers in Nepal, so if you are interested, you can give it a read.

How much do SFFECO Trolley Mounted fire extinguishers Cost?

The cost of  SFFECO Trolley Mounted Fire extinguishers depends on three primary factors; volume, fire extinguishing agent, and discharge time. The more complicated the extinguishing agent, the more expensive a trolley-mounted fire extinguisher is. Besides this, the higher the volume and quicker the discharge time, the higher the cost of the SFFECO Trolley Mounted Fire extinguisher. 

Buy the best and cheapest SFFECO Trolley Mounted Fire Extinguishes in Nepal at First Aid Nepal only at Npr 52,250. However, we offer trolley-mounted fire extinguishers of various price ranges as per your need. Let us know if you have any specific requirements, and we will fulfill your wish!

Are you searching for affordable and high-quality fire extinguishers in Nepal? First Aid Nepal has got your back! We are here to provide you with some of Nepal's best and most affordable fire extinguishers! Buy the best and cheap fire extinguishers in Nepal only at First Aid Nepal. 

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