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Cisco Network Switches
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Cisco SG350 Managed Switch
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CISCO Network Switch
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CISCO SG 95 Switch
Rs. 29,500 Rs. 28,025

Best Cisco Managed and Unmanaged Switch in Nepal

Cisco is among some of the oldest brands that have managed to last through half almost half a century of change. This company which was founded in 1984 has lasted throughout the years and presents you with some of the best managed and unmanaged switches in the market. 

with almost forty years of experience and qualifications, we can be assured of Managed and Unmanaged network switches from this brand. And now, First Aid Nepal brings you the quality and trust of CISCO right at your doorstep. Buy the best Managed and Unmanaged switches from Cisco at an affordable price, only at First Aid Nepal!

What are the functions of CISCO Managed and Unmanaged Switch?

As with all network switches, CISCO Managed and Unmanaged Network Switches are the devices that connect different devices within a network and let them communicate. That said depending on the type, the function of a network switch may vary. However, the following are some of the most basic functions of Managed and Unmanaged switches from CISCO.

  • View the status of Traffic 

  • Network Errors

  • Port Status

And more. Based on the mentioned core features, you can get advanced CISCO Managed and Unmanaged Network Switches with more features as well. 

How much do CISCO Managed and Unmanaged Switch Cost?

CISCO network switches are known for having a higher level of integration and also for their high range of price. As such, we offer CISCO Manage and Unmanaged Switches from the price range of Npr 21375 to Npr 31620. However, if you require network switches from this brand of a different price range, we can provide you with your preferred network switches from this brand.

We have listed all the CISCO Managed and Unmanaged Switch available at First Aid Nepal below to make it easier for you.

CISCO Managed and Unmanaged Switches in First Aid Nepal


CISCO SF350 Fast Ethernet Network Switch.

Npr 21,375

CISCO SG 95 Switch

Npr 28,025

Cisco SG350 Managed Switch

Npr 31,620

Buy the best and Cheapest CISCO Managed and Unmanaged Switches in Nepal only at First Aid Nepal! 

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