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Usage of Emergency Sirens or Industrial Sirens in Nepal:

Today Majority of peoples are involved in different types of daily work at offices, farms, hydropower's, corporate organizations & Manufacturing Units etc. When an emergency situation comes it's hard to notify or make alert to those thousands of people at a time.  Emergency situation can come any time anywhere in the form of Fire, Accidents, and Earthquakes etc. So, in case of such emergency situation number of people get panic which can result in damages to lives or casualty. So, seeing the situation First Aid Nepal Pvt.Ltd. has added its product lineup with Emergency Sirens in Nepalese Market. For enhancing the rate of controlling the casualty by alerting the occupants on time. First Aid Nepal Pvt.Ltd. aims to reduce the number of casualty in such disastrous time. Our Emergency sirens are very simple to use and versatile on their performance. Our Emergency Sirens can alert the people within the building premises or its range can go up to 2KM or even 5KM Range.

Nowadays not only industrial areas uses the emergency areas but also in commercial areas like shopping malls, housing apartments, hotels, hospitals, construction sites are also looking forward to the safety standards of an working premises or living premises. With the advancement & continued improvements in the living standards of people they are eager to keep them safe in any situation. So, First Aid Nepal's Emergency Sirens can be suitable for keeping the people safe in any emergency situation time.


What are industrial sirens and purpose of using them?

If you are planning to install industrial siren for your industry, office, hospital or community buildings, you must me sure what kind of emergency siren you need to install and how they work in the emergency situation. Our Blog can help you to choose or plan for the correct type of Industrial siren you need to procure.

Emergency Siren or Industrial Siren are named as industrial or emergency hooters because they create loud making noise appliance which creates high pitched sound whenever the emergency situation happens near the buildings, production halls or natural disaster like flood or earthquake, fire, mishappening, or human induced disaster like chemical processing sippling, theft, robbery and of such kinds. Here we can conclude emergency sirens as the most needed device in the emergency situation which helps to alert the peoples, occupants to escape from the building or to keep them safe. When emergency siren rings then it helps to get the notification of emergency situation happening inside the building thus it helps the rescue team, fire fighters to get ready and get engaged there. The industrial sirens helps the people to evacuate-escape the people from the danger area as fast as possible when emergency begins.

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Emergency Sirens Nepal at Best Price

Emergency Sirens & Industrial Sirens are used to Alert the residents, workers, publics in public places, industries or  from government authority to make Alert. We at First Aid Nepal Pvt.Ltd. deal on different types of Emergency Sirens. Such as Industrial Emergency Sirens, Hospital Emergency Sirens, Public or Community Emergency Sirens.

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