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What is a fire proof fire exit door?

Doors are essential elements of any construction from a simple house, hotels, warehouse, schools, auditoriums, stadiums, railways station. Every private, commercial, industrial or government infrastructures have doors in common.In case of any emergency situation or a fire break out we evacuate from the buildings. In case of any emergency situation a fire exit door can help us to exit from the building quickely- saving the second which counts as barrier between life and death. A fire proof fire exit door not only makes us easy to evacuate from the building it also plays vital role to control the spread of smoke and fire from one portion of the building to another. A fire rated fire proof door can protect the occupants from smoke, fire and get injured. They can protect themselves from a fire disaster and get evacuated or rescued.

What is a fire rated door?

A Fire Rated Fire Proof Door  is a door built to withhold the spreading fire from one portion or area of building to another area from a longer period of time.A fire rated door can made of a metallic body, wooden or a glazed with metal and fire proof glass. A fire rated door can hold the fire from 30 minutes to 60 minutes as per relevant Fire Safety Standard by BIS India or NFPA. Depending on the materials of its make a fire rated door can be a metal fire rated door, wooden fire rated door or a glazed fire rated door.

Features of Fire Rated Door

Fire Rated door can be more or less resistant to fire.Fire rating is determined based on the total duration of time it takes to deteriorate from burning. In order to meet the fire rating the following standard has to be met by a fire rated door. 

Integrity: Fire rated door must not spread the fire from its direct exposure side to the opposite side for the specific duration of time it has constructed. It should not spread the fire or smoke from burning side of the door to another side or portion.

Insulation of Door: Fire door works as insulation. It protects the fire from spreading. It controls the spreading of heat to spread from burning side to the  non exposed side of the fire door. It does not transfer the heat from speading.

Time of Fire Resistance:  Depending on the rating of the Fire door it has 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 Minutes of fire resistance. As per Ameriacan, British or  UL Standards.

Durability: Fire Rated doors have good durability once they are installed. They are measured against possible fire hazards and constructed carefully.

Where can we use the Fire Rated Doors in Nepal?

Fire rated door can be used on different places of possible hazards like Electric Control Panel Rooms, Partition of Different Portitions of the buildings, Garrages, Worksshops, Kitchen and Hallways as well as Fire Exit Areas. 

How much does a Fire Rated Door Costs in Nepal?

Depending on the sizes and material used fire rated door vary the cost. Price of Fire Rated doors and accessories is as follows on aprox:

Fire Rated Door Price in NepalPrice
Price of Fire Rated Fire Proof Door 7 Feet x 3 Feet Approx Including all accessories. Rs. 76000
Price of Commercial Fire Rated Doors in Nepal Including All Accessories
 Rs. 75000
Price of Fire Exit Door in Nepal. Including All Accessories.

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